The 5 Best Spinning Reels for Bass in 2023 [The Full Guide]

If you’re a seasoned angler, then you know the joys and excitement of catching bass. For you to catch your prized bass, you need a quality spinning reel, and that’s why we’re here today.

We’ve scoured the market in search of the ultimate spinning reels to help us catch 10 times more bass than the usual, and we’ve tried out a handful of excellent ones. Now, it’s your turn; choose the best spinning reel for bass for you now!

Comparison Table

ModelWeightDragBall BearingsGear Ratio
Abu Garcia Revo SX7.7 ozs.10 lbs.8+16.2:1
Penn Battle II3.53 ozs.15 lbs.56.2:1
SHIMANO Sedona Fi7.6 ozs.7 lbs.3+15.0:1
Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB6.7 ozs.20 lbs.6+16.0:1
Pflueger Supreme XT6 ozs.8 lbs.106.2:1

The 5 Best Spinning Reels for Bass in 2023

Now that we’ve provided you with an overview of our top picks, how about we dive in headfirst into their details? Let’s get into it!

1. Abu Garcia Revo SX

Abu Garcia Revo SX

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is the ultimate spinning reel for bass, jam-packed with unique features, including but not limited to longevity, sturdiness, and ergonomic design.

For starters, it has an extremely long shelf life, courtesy of its IM-C6 carbon body that’s not only super-tough and capable of taking a beating but is also relatively lightweight at only 7.7 ounces. Add to that the C6 carbon rotor that comes with the computer-optimized AMGearing system, and you’ll have yourself an efficient and accurate powerhouse of a reel.

That’s on longevity; as for the ergonomic design, the Abu Garcia Revo SX is an ambidextrous reel that you can use with either hand. Also, it comes in three different sizes, each housing more powerful specifications than the other.

Moving on to sturdiness, the reel comes with 8+1 stainless steel HCPR ball bearings, and alongside them, you have the infinite magnetic system and the K-clutch anti-reverse system. These three aspects combined provide you with the smoothest, most unhindered fishing process you could ever dream of. Besides, they also prevent birds nests from forming.

Additionally, the drag system packs quite a punch with its ability to withstand 10 pounds of pressure, making it ideal for catching bass. Also, the 6.2:1 gear ratio grants you the ability to reel in your prized catch with speed and efficiency.

We’re not done yet – not only is the spool quite spacious and can take all the line that you’ll need and then some, but it also has the rocket spool lip and the rocket system integrated into its design, allowing your lure to fire from your spool effortlessly and as far as you can throw.

On the downside, this reel’s only con is its price tag; it falls on the high end of the pricing spectrum.

What We Like:

  • IM-C6 carbon body
  • C6 carbon rotor
  • Ambidextrous
  • 8+1 HCPR stainless steel ball bearings
  • Integrates a ticket spool lip and rocket system spool
  • Comes in three sizes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Pricey

Final Verdict

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is an ambidextrous reel that comes in three different sizes, has an IM-C6 carbon body, and a C6 carbon rotor that elongates its life and ensures its efficiency, and can withstand up to 10 pounds of pressure. Need more?

2. Penn Battle II

Penn Battle II

The all-metal body construction and dust and water-resistant material of the Penn Battle II make it not only a spectacular spinning reel for bass but also one of the best saltwater reels on the market. Also, it includes the Penn Grease, a rubber gasket surrounding the spool to prevent line slippage and ensure accurate casting.

More on the construction – the reel’s bail wire is made out of heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum, which extends its lifespan and durability. Similarly, the drag system is an HT 100 carbon fiber one that can withstand up to 15 lbs. of pressure. It’s potent, durable, and smooth.

Furthermore, the 6.2:1 gear ratio provides you with smooth, fast, and unhindered line retrievals, and when combined with the 5 ball bearings and the anti-reverse one, you’ll have one of the silkiest fishing experiences that you could ever wish for.

Additionally, the Penn Battle II comes with a braid-ready super-line spool that boasts line capacity rings, so you won’t need monofilament backing; just load your braided line, and you’ll be raring to go, while the line capacity rings will always show you the amount of line left.

There are 8 different varieties of the Penn Battle II; the higher you go, the stronger the reel and its specifications. Some models are also ambidextrous.

Unfortunately, though, the spool can sometimes be locked in its place, and the sealing may be faulty at some spots.

What We Like: 

  • All-metal body
  • The bail wire is made out of high-quality aluminum
  • Braid-ready spool
  • Line capacity rings
  • HT 100 carbon fiber drag system
  • Comes in 8 different sizes

What We Don’t Like:

  • The sealing may be faulty at some space
  • Spool might lock in its place

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a saltwater spinning reel that can catch bass and more, then why not go for the Penn Battle II? Its all-metal body ensures that it’s dust and water-resistant, plus it has a tremendously potent HT 100 carbon fiber drag system and braid-ready spool that make for the perfect bass fishing experience.

3. SHIMANO Sedona Fi


Being an upgraded version of its predecessor, the SHIMANO Sedona Fi is all about boosting efficiency, boasting the Hagane gearing system that’s meant to provide you with stronger and longer casts, enabling you to chase larger bass wherever they are; saltwater or freshwater.

Moreover, its Magnumlite rotor is extremely powerful, and when combined with the propulsion line management system, you’ll get a casting experience that’s unparalleled in both smoothness and distance. Besides, you’ll be faced with much fewer wind knots and backlash.

Design-wise, the SHIMANO Sedona Fi has a G-Free body design, bringing the reel closer to the rod and thus increasing your balance, efficiency, and stability. Additionally, the double-anodized machine-cut spool does wonders to line capacity, increasing it dramatically while keeping the reel’s body compact and robust.

There are numerous varieties and sizes of the SHIMANO Sedona Fi; the larger its size, the more weight, drag system, ball bearings, and gear ratio it packs. Nonetheless, the 5.0:1 gear ratio and the 3+1 ball bearings present in the first size are more than enough to catch bass.

On the other hand, the 7 lbs. drag system may be a bit below expectations, next to the absence of a reverse direction switch, which can be somewhat frustrating.

What We Like: 

  • Hagane gearing provides longer casts
  • G-Free body design brings the reel and rod closer
  • Potent Magnumlite rotor
  • Double-anodized machine-cut spool
  • Available in multiple sizes

What We Don’t Like:

  • No reverse direction switch
  • Weak drag system

Final Verdict

The SHIMANO Sedona Fi is all about long and accurate casts, thanks to its Magnumlite rotor, propulsion line management system, and G-Free body design. Additionally, it comes with a double-anodized machine-cut spool, which increases its line capacity without sacrificing stability or comfort.

4. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB

Yet another entry by Shimano; the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB sports the X-ship, which aims to increase your reel’s lifespan, efficiency, and accuracy through cold-forging the X-ship, a support bearing, to the main gear using a brass drive gear. It also prevents its inner parts from wearing away.

Not only that, but the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB has a Magnumlite rotor that increases its accuracy and your casting distance while also making cranking much more manageable, along with an agent gear that works towards elongating your casts and enhancing your aim.

Moreover, this reel rocks a 6.0:1 gear ratio, which is more than enough to catch any bass. Combine that with the 6+1 ball bearings and the 20 lbs drag, and you’ll have yourself a monster of a bass reel.

When it comes to the construction of the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB, it’s done with immense attention to detail; every part down to the last screw is made from top-quality material. It comes with a lightweight gearbox cover, a dragging knob, and a metal cover surrounding the line.

What makes this reel genuinely great is that it’s still exceptionally lightweight even with all these additions, at only 6.7 ounces.

Despite that, it lacks an anti-reverse switch, which can be a bit frustrating.

What We Like:

  • X-ship increases the reel life span
  • Magnumlite rotor
  • Hagane gears
  • 6.0:1 gear ratio
  • 6+1 ball bearings
  • 20 lbs. drag
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • No anti-reverse system

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a premium spinning reel for bass, opt for the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB. It has many features that aim towards extending your cast, like the Hagane gears and the Magnumlite rotor, while others aim towards smoothing your fishing experience and your line retrieval, like its ball bearings and gear ratio.

5. Pflueger Supreme XT

Pflueger Supreme XT

Our last entry for the day is the Pflueger Supreme XT; this reel is all about amazing features in exchange for a reasonable price.

We start with its overall construction; it boasts a magnesium body, side plate, and frame, making the reel incredibly lightweight while maintaining its strength and efficiency.

Moving on to the drag system, it has a sealed carbon-fiber inlay drag design. Sadly, the seal isn’t of the highest quality and sometimes lets rust and dirt seep their way inside. Still, it can withstand up to 8 lbs. of pressure.

The Pflueger Supreme XT is an extremely comfortable reel with three different sizes for you to choose from. Furthermore, the handles are ergonomically designed from carbon to ensure maximum comfort and eliminate any strain. Add to that the EVA knobs and aluminum bail wire to get a one-of-a-kind comfortable reel.

Furthermore, the 10 stainless steel ball bearings, combined with the 6.2:1 gear ratio and the SMARTretrieve system, make for an unprecedentedly smooth and trouble-free fishing experience. Not to mention, it features a braid-ready spool.

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • SMARTretrieve system
  • EVA knobs
  • Aluminum bail wire
  • Carbon designed handles
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Magnesium construction

What We Don’t Like:

  • The drag system’s seal might let some dirt inside

Final Verdict

The Pflueger Supreme XT is an extremely lightweight reel with a magnesium body carbon-designed handles and a carbon fiber drag system. Plus, its aluminum bail wire and EVA knobs make it into an exquisite spinning reel. And you get all of that at a reasonable price!

Read also:

How to Pick a Spinning Reel for Bass

To pick a quality spinning reel, there are various elements and options that you need to consider. Through this section, we’ll take you on a tour of the most crucial aspects that make a quality spinning reel for bass.

Gear Ratio

A reel’s gear ratio represents the number of spins that your spool makes for every single rotation of the handle.

For instance, the spool of a reel with a 7.1:1 gear ratio rotates 7.1 times every time you fully crank its handle. Bass are known to be tough and crafty fish, which is why we advise getting a reel with a high gear ratio to save yourself some trouble.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are the glue that keeps your reel together; the norm with ball bearings is that the more, the better. However, always pay attention to the quality and construction of the bearings; high-quality stainless steel ball bearings are perfect. They’ve got a long shelf life and will always keep your reel performing effectively.

Reel Sensitivity

Patience is key when fishing for bass. Based on that, we always recommend getting a spinning reel with high sensitivity to feel the slightest of movements surrounding your bait.


The spool is the place that holds all your line inside, and since bass is tough to catch, there’ll be a lot of tugging and going back and forth. That’s why it’s vital that you get a spool that can hold a lot of lines, and if the spool is braid-ready, that’d be an immensely useful addition – as a braided line is ideal for catching bass.

Moreover, the spool needs to be made from high-quality material, as it’s the component that’s most exposed to the elements. Spools are made of one of three materials; carbon composite, graphite, or aluminum, with carbon composite being the best. It’s the toughest and lightest of the three.

Drag System

Another vital element when it comes to a reel is its drag system; it’s measured in pounds, and it signifies the amount of pressure and resistance that your reel can dish out. First of all, choosing a drag system with a carbon fiber system is always advised; they’re ideal for catching bass.

A 7 lbs. drag system is perfect for bass; it’ll give you all the strength you’ll need. However, if you want more versatility and the ability to catch larger prey or even larger bass, then definitely opt for a drag system with more pounds.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve come to a decision and picked the perfect match that sounds like the best spinning reel for bass to you. Nonetheless, if you still haven’t, let’s go to our recommendations.

If you’re looking for the ultimate best, then go for the Abu Garcia Revo SX. It boasts an IM-C6 carbon body, alongside a C6 carbon rotor. Moreover, it’s ambidextrous, comes in three different sizes, and has the rocket spool lip and rocker system spool integrated into the spool. Still, be wary of its price as it’s expensive.

Our runner-up is the Penn Battle II with its all-metal body, braid-ready spool that doesn’t need monofilament backing, and comes in 8 different sizes. Plus, it has line capacity rings that allow you to see how many lines you have left. However, the spool might sometimes lock.

If what you’re seeking is a comfortable reel, then the Pflueger Supreme XT is your answer. With its EVA knobs and ergonomically designed handles made out of carbon, you couldn’t be more comfortable.

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