About Us

I am Kenneth Dennis, the angler behind Madison Fishing Expo. I love fishing, traveling, especially discovering the great outdoors.

You are here to harness your passion for fishing. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your fishing activities as much as possible by helping find the best fishing gear and equipment. Here you can read and gather knowledge about fishing. Well, we have a vast collection of fishing gear and equipment guides, reviews, and tips.
On our website, you can learn about spinning reels, baitcasting, spincast, fly reel, lines, and fishing tools. Also, we have great articles on comparison of the best fishing gears.

What We Do

We create useful fishing content as we enjoy teaching others. Through our combined experience, we provide you with the highly needed information, product reviews, and guides for all your fishing gears.
We do our best to provide fishing content that makes sense to beginners and expert anglers alike. Through our site, you will find all you need to make a thought through purchase when shopping for fishing gear and equipment with your hard-earned money.

How We Do It

We want to make sure our site is as helpful as possible to you. Understanding the downside of online shopping, it is very easy for a new angler to buy the wrong fishing equipment or even worse fall victim to fraud. To help you, we analyze the fishing market, search for the most popular and frequently purchased fishing gear and equipment, compare their technical features and specification and provide you with full information that will help you choose the right product. We take a step to make sure the information is up to date by tracking upgrades and new product releases, and bring you the coolest fishing articles in an easy and understandable no-nonsense manner.

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Thanks in advance.